We start by drilling holes in the surface of the sunken concrete panel. There is a trivial amount of dust created by the drilling, but much less than when grinding, cutting, or crushing the concrete. 

Raising sunken concrete is a great alternative to replacement. We use the right equipment to help minimize the mess and duration of the project.
  • Driveway Repairs 
  • Sidewalk Repairs
  • Pool Deck Repairs
  • Concrete Step Repair
  • Patio Repairs
  • Void Fill Under Slabs

Concrete raising mud jacking Slab Jacking services

When the concrete is raised, the holes are patched and the surface is cleaned. These are patched with a watertight concrete mixture. At the customers request HCR will fill cracks currently present in a raised slab at no charge and no warranty, this is a free service. 

how concrete raising works

Using a specialized pump and nozzle, pressurized grout is forced underneath the concrete, filling any void area and hydraulically raising the slab until it is level with surrounding areas. The grout hardens, helping prevent future sinking.


For years we have been raising & leveling concrete. We help you protect your investment with our expertise and dedication to your project. Professionalism and pride are put into every detail, leaving you with an experience that will surpass your expectations. We only use the most superior and advanced equipment available to achieve excellent results for your satisfaction every time. We guarantee your concrete raising project with our 2 year warranty if it settles more than 1/2" we will return and raise it for free. We offer one of the longest warranty of any concrete raising company in the Houston area and that should say something about how we feel about our work. Call on the professionals at Houston Concrete Raising for all of your concrete raising needs.  

At Houston Concrete Raising all of our employees all have solid backgrounds in residential concrete raising and leveling. You get the benefit of experience that's been acquired year after year, job after job.

Houston Concrete Raising uses a process known as slab jacking or mudjacking. We drill small holes into the sunken concrete slab and through those holes a concrete slurry is pumped under pressure filling void and raising the sunken concrete.

Houston Concrete Raising portfolio includes many happy residential and commercial clients. References are available upon request, As well as certificates of insurance. You can count on us for all of your concrete raising and leveling needs.


past concrete raising repairs

Concrete raising team

It makes all the difference in your residential concrete raising and leveling repair.

Houston Concrete Raising is a family owned and operated business that has provided concrete raising and leveling services in the Greater Houston Area for over 30 years. We know the ins and outs of concrete raising and leveling like no one else, and our knowledge can make the difference between a successful repair and a costly mistake.

Concrete Raising Process


We Raise sunken Driveways, patios, Pool Decks, Sidewalks, walkways 

we Raise You Up! 

Need an estimate to raise and level your sunken concrete? Free Estimate is available at no charge! Looking to save money?  submit your quote digitally you will automatically become eligible to receive $50.00 off your repair project! We have an industry leading

2 year warranty to back our quality work.